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My Intuition Led Me to Love

A Memoir

Brigitte Malisa was just twenty-two when she realized she had a beautiful gift. As she began to use her vivid visions and intuitive feelings about others to help bring them peace in their time of need, Brigitte set out on a path to accept her unique abilities and to find Mr. Right.

In a poignant retelling of her personal experiences, Brigitte chronicles her romantic, humorous, and sometimes painful quest as she searches to fulfill her destiny as an intuitive healer and then find someone to share life with her. As she learns to trust in the messages she receives from her angels to keep moving forward, Brigitte reveals how her intuition eventually leads her soul in the right direction and through the roller coaster world of dating, where she ultimately meets her true love.

Included in her candid perspective on a quest familiar to every human heart, are affirmations that can be utilized by anyone on a similar journey.

My intuition Led Me to Love shares the true story of an intuitive healer’s experiences as she struggles to embrace her innate gifts and searches for the man of her dreams.






By Brigitte Malisa

This inspiring book of Affirmation leads the reader through a love story with a powerful message of hope, healing and spiritual transformation. At the tender age of 22, the author awakens to her innate gifts as an intuitive reader and healer. With her ever present guidance from God and the Angels, she journeys through a rollercoaster ride through the world of dating where she ultimately meets true love. This love story with a twist offers simple yet profound awakening affirmations and insights drawn from the author’s quest for heart-felt intuitive self-empowerment.


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“My Intuition led me to love is a memoir about Brigitte Malisa understanding her gifts as an intuitive healer, psychic reader and empath. It offers encouraging insights to others who might be struggling balancing a world of sensitivity and also a so called normal life. Brigitte wants to help educate others in knowing that you can lead a balanced life, while still being sensitive to the world. This growth and understanding in her own world is what lead Brigitte to love. After finding love and letting it go, then trying the dating scene, Brigitte followed her own inner guidance and met the love of her life. This book is inspirational for people who are still trying to find their spiritual feet in the world.”

Review by: Maureen Barrass
From the Magazine: “An Alternative Voice” 49th Edition- September/October 2017 Issue
Imprint: Balboa Press
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